About Us


Formed in 2017 by artistic director Daron Hagen and named after Orson Welles' Mercury Theater, the New Mercury Collective exists to create and sustain a laboratory for artistic exploration, creative risk-taking, and performance in which its members can collaborate on the creation and performance of post-genre works combining theater, music, and emerging technology for audiences of all types underpinned by a fierce committment to social justice and civic activism. NMC's members bring a staggering breadth of practical experience, training, and expertise to the development of Orson Rehearsed, the collective's first project, which is being produced by the Chicago College of Performing Arts with the collaboration of the Fifth House Ensemble.

Orson Rehearsed

Fifth House Ensemble and the Chicago College of the Performing Arts team up with American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award-winning composer Daron Hagen in the creation of an innovative collaborative work that  examines in a non-linear narrative the American Story by limning the memories and half-remembered dreams of actor, director, writer, and painter ORSON WELLES during the last few moments of his life.